Message from Dr. Arif Alvi President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (On the occasion of Labour Day May 01, 2020)

The world economy is witnessing a staggering downturn due to the spread of Covid-19. Resultantly, this pandemic is having a catastrophic effect on the working and labour class. Millions of people have been rendered jobless due to it all around the world including Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan is fully cognizant of the hardships being faced by our labourer and daily wagers due to the lockdown. In this regard, Ehsaas Emergency Cash Relief Program has been launched to provide immediate relief to them. I am confident that the rights of workers, under the present government, will be effectively protected. I am also confident that the government will do its utmost to ameliorate the lot of workers. I also urge the Provincial Governments to accelerate their effort to work for the welfare of workers as well as protect their rights.

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