Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad

Telephone Exchange: 051-9010100

Public Information Officer

Telephone: 051-9010115

Room No. 332, 3rd Floor, Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad.

For Public Complaints/Grievances

Please contact on the following email address:

Inquiry Committee under Section (3)(1) of the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010

Irum Bukhari, Additional Secretary (FA&EA), Chairperson

Zulfiqar Hussain Awan, Director General (Legal Affairs), Member

Mohsin Abbas, Director (Education), Member


Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Malik, Secretary to the President, 9010108

Mr. Irfan Qadir, Consultant (Legal Affairs), 9201949

Mr. Akhtar Munir, Press Secretary/Information Advisor, 9204530

Ms. Irum Bukhari, Additional Secretary (FA&EA), 9010119

Ms. Izzat Jahan, Additional Secretary (Admn & Education), 9201830

Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Director General (Admn & Education), 9212746

Mr. Zulfiqar Hussain Awan, Director General (Legal Affairs), 9103571

Mr. Muhammad Hamid Ali, Director General (Regions), 9204692

Mr. Ali Anser Zaidi, Director General (FA&EA), 9209521

Mr. Waqas Khan Khakwani, Director General (Cabinet & Social Welfare), 9224026

Ms. Zoobia Masood, Deputy Press Secretary, 9010184

Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Baloch, Director (Admn), 9214281

Ms. Huda Shah, Director, Office of the Secretary , 9214129

Mr. Mohsin Abbas , Director (Education) , 9203664

Ms. Seemi A. Khan, Director (Regions & Energy), 9103595

Mr. Muhammad Saleem, Director (Legal), 9215534

Mr. Sarfraz Hussain Ansari, Director (EA&Petitions), 9010109

Mr. Mirza Shahzad Ahmed, Deputy Director (Budget and Finance), 9204851

Mr. Ahmed Nawaz Chohan, Deputy Director (Social Welfare), 9204257

Mr. Rameez Azam, Deputy Director (Coord), 9221399

Dr.  Muhammad Junaid, Senior Research Officer, 9208398

Mr. Nohman Ali, Information Officer, 9214333

Mr. Arbab Yawar Hayat Khan, Deputy Director (Cabinet & Defence), 9010172

Ms. Hira Fatima, Assistant Director (FA) , 9211913

Mr. Muhammad Adnan Chishti, Assistant Director (EA & Petitions), 9010143

Mr. Muhammad Naveed Butt , Assistant Director (General), 9222693

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Solangi, Protocol Officer, 9207533

Ms. Shaheen Kousar, Superintendent (C.R), 9010152

Central Registry, Night Duty Clerk, 9010160

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